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Personal Training

1 to 1 Personal Training sessions based in Preston with our certified instructors. We also offer body transformations and programmes to help you get started in the gym.

What is Personal Training?

Personal training is a journey and bond between you and your instructor. It is their duty to ensure your lifestyle, happiness and physical appearance progresses over time.

 With the right instructor, you can find your true potential.


This is where the journey begins! With our instructors by your side, this isn’t a journey you’ll endure alone. Together, you will set your goals, design your plan and create new routine and lifestyle changes. With a new instructor, new goals and a new journey to embark on, you can reach goals that you only ever dreamed of!


With our training methods, your goals and the right structure, we can help you achieve your targets no matter how big or small they might be.


Make it personal, make it achievable and most importantly make it sustainable, so you can continue to grow on your fitness journey.

TeamFresh is dedicated to create the best version of yourself and push you to achieve goals you never thought were possible. Our instructors will support you every step of your journey.

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Body Transformation Packages

At TeamFresh, we offer intense personal training packages, designed with optimal support to ensure all of our clients hit their targets fast.

Choose between a 6-week or 12-week intensive programme of sessions with our qualified instructors.

6 week body transformation

£ 600
  • 4 1-2-1 sessions per week
  • Training programme
  • Before and after measurements
  • Diet Plans

12 week body transformation

£ 1000
  • 4 1-2-1 sessions per week
  • Training programme
  • Before and after measurements
  • Diet plans
SAVE £200

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