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Find out more about our boxing classes, held in our dedicated boxing area. We also have boxing-specific memberships with unlimited boxing classes.

Boxing & MMA

TeamFresh Fight Academy will push you towards your goals, whether its losing weight, building confidence or learning new skills. Self-defence, fitness, discipline and determination are just a few of the life-skills you will learn being a part of the team. Not only do we work hard and have a great passion for success, we provide opportunities and support networks for you to grow into a new and improved version of yourself.
As well as teaching a great skill, boxing can significantly improve your cardiovascular fitness, relieve stress, increase your strength and muscle tone, develop your endurance and help you lose weight and keep fit. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a beginner we have something for everyone at TeamFresh.
At TeamFresh we are more than just a gym, we are a family.

Boxing Classes

At TeamFresh, we have classes for all ages. To book 1-2-1 sessions, get in touch!

Junior Boxing

Ages 7-15. A great fitness and cardio workout whilst working on the fundamentals of boxing, such as footwork, defence, offence, drills & technical movement.

Adult Boxing

Ages 16+. Working on fitness and cardio whilst covering both the basics and advanced aspects of boxing and sparring. Including footwork, defence, offence, drills & technical movement. This class is suitable for all levels and abilities.

1-2-1 Sessions

A tailor made session working on specific targets to reach your goals quicker whilst fitting around your lifestyle. 

Got Questions?

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